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Who are we?

We help children, adults, and schools learn new languages! We make the process easy by coming right to you - in your school, your community, or online and virtually. “We make learning languages fun.”

Want a different language ?

If you or your child wants to learn a language we don’t have listed, mention it to us! With enough demand, we’ll make it a priority. This academy is for the students first and foremost. We want to help design their world as they would most dream to live it.

 Community Building

EXLA wants your community to feel the world-changing power of language, no matter your age, availability, or circumstance.  We host business language seminars, team-building activities of all ages, “virtual happy hour” events to break the ice, workshops, training, and more!

Financial Agreement

Tuition Payment: Payments are due on the 28th of each month, for the following month. Payments received five days late will accrue a $10 late penalty. Students may resume classes once the delinquent account is paid.

A $35 fee will be added to all returned payments. Full payment should be made within five business days to bring account balance whole.

There is no reduction in tuition for holidays. (See Calendar and Make-up policy.)

Payment Methods: We accepts Visa, MasterCard, Check or Excellerate Gift Card. American Express is not accepted. EXLA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Check or Excellerate Gift Card. American Express is not accepted.

Virtual Class Recordings

As a safety measure, all classes are recorded. By reviewing and agreeing to these policies, you are stating that you understand that class recordings may be used as an additional resource for students. Additionally, you are stating that you understand class recordings, photographs and/or video in which you or your child will appear in, may be used by the Excellerate Learning Academy. This material may be used in printed and/or electronic media, including the website, and for educational purposes.

Why are we doing this?

Did you know that only 75% of Americans speak English? We believe that language is the window to countless new perspectives and experiences in our world. Our children deserve to see the world’s beauty through as many lenses as possible.

What is our model?

We use 100% immersion learning to get students to ACTFL World-Readiness Standards, all while having as much fun as possible! Our native speaking teachers employ interactive activities, games, movement, and cultural appreciations, both in-person and online. This is the Excellerate Way.

 Our Tuition Guarantee

Excellerate Learning Academy is committed to providing quality language programs that the whole family can enjoy. However, if you are unable to continue with us for any reason, we will refund the prorated remainder of your language tuition after receiving a two weeks written notice of cancellation.


Special Academic courses (such as the Entrepreneurship Course) require a written notice 30 days in advance.


Note: Special Group promotions, such as Black Friday or Holiday specials, are non-refundable. Group promotions become invalid if all requirements are not satisfied. (i.e. group class discounts will be readjusted, etc.)


Class Dates

Our Language programs run year-round and are on a 12-month cycle. Please reference school calendar for specific dates. (Schedule may be modified at any time.) During some holiday breaks, special camps maybe offered.

Weather Policy

Excellerate Learning Academy believes in the safety of our students, families and faculty. In the event of inclement weather, Excellerate Learning Academy will notify virtual students of any cancellation. For in-person classes, Excellerate Learning Academy will be closed if local public schools are closed. Please listen to the radio stations to hear school closings. If you have questions, you can always call or email Excellerate Learning Academy.

 Why are we special?

We teach language through full immersion. Our goal is to show our students what it means to fully experience a language, a culture, and a way of life. That sets us apart.

 Our commitment

EXLA is a family-owned business, founded in October 2017. We are deeply committed to the Mount Prospect community and communities throughout the United States and the World.

Our discount program

Excellerate Learning Academy provides discounts for families with siblings, families enrolled in multiple languages, and for customer referrals.

30% off monthly tuition for 2nd sibling, 50% off annual tuition for 3rd sibling.

$20 off monthly tuition for each referral. (Max 3 referrals discount at a time. Exclusions apply.)

30% off annual tuition for student enrolled in 2nd language.

Absences/ Make-ups

Contact Excellerate Learning Academy if you know you or your children will be absent.  We are happy to schedule make-up classes, if available.  Make-up classes will need to be completed within the Academic Year. Unused make-up classes will not carry over into another Academic Year. Once a make-up is scheduled, it is considered made up unless an additional 24-hour notice of change is given. If a make-up session is not available, we can instead provide a credit to your account.


Flexible Options for Make-ups:

We have a few options to consider when scheduling a make-up. You can schedule for another day or time in the same language, or try a class in another language. Your primary commitment is to your enrolled language, but students can always benefit from exposure to another language.


Flexible Schedule Options:

If you are unable to continue with your current schedule for any reason, you may request to transfer to another class if space is available.

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